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A Different View

Lensbaby Photography
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Welcome to the Lensbaby Photography community. This community is a place for those who have delved into the woozy world of photography using a Lensbaby lens to display their photos.

What IS a Lensbaby? From the website:
"The Original Lensbaby, an SLR camera lens for professional and avid amateur photographers who want to have fun creating compelling photography.

The Original creates a ‘sweet spot’ area of focus that you can move around the picture plane by bending the flexible lens tubing. You will get a unique new look, with gorgeous blurring and subtle, prismatic color distortions, all without software manipulations."

"Unique, intuitive photography
Lensbabies are the hybrid love children of an old-fashioned bellows camera and an up-tight tilt-shift lens. Lensbaby photographs have the soft, roughed-up look created by Holga™ or Diana™ cameras, but using a Lensbaby on your SLR is convenient, versatile, and enables you to place the subject and the sweet spot of focus anywhere in the image."
--from http://www.lensbaby.com

Please view the website for their display of how to use the lens, as well as some wonderful galleries.

If you have a lensbaby, or know someone who has one....JOIN THE COMMUNITY,....SPREAD THE WORD!

The only rule is if the photo is over 650 x 450 or so please put behind an LJ-Cut. As well if posting more than two photos...please use an LJ-Cut.

This community is mainly for Lensbaby photos...but it's also a forum to discuss the lens, our experiences with it and tips on how to use it.